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Note: Validate is being integrated into Pendo Listen to expand its capabilities and create a more seamless experience between Pendo offerings. Some of these new capabilities are in closed beta, including the ability to link ideas to customer feedback and to provide workarounds for ideas you're not currently building. If you're interested in getting early access to Listen and providing feedback, sign up to the beta waitlist.

Validate is a discovery tool that helps you justify product investments. Gather and link supporting evidence based on customer feedback before you commit resources to developing a feature or product. We also offer the ability to:

The Validate page is accessed from the left-side navigation. If you're on a smaller screen, the page can be found by choosing More in the left-side navigation and then selecting Validate from the dropdown menu.

Create a new idea

Ideas in Validate can be anything that you'd like to test before making decisions about what to dedicate resources to, such as feature requests, opportunities, solutions, and so on.

To create a new idea, navigate to the Validate page from the left-side navigation and:

  1. Select Create Idea in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Enter a name for the idea under Title.
  3. Enter information about your idea in the Description.
  4. Choose the appropriate App and Product Area from the dropdown menus.
  5. Select Create Idea in the bottom-right.
  6. Optionally, link the idea to a feedback item. You can do one or both of the following:
    • Enter keywords or phrases into the search and select the feedback item from the dropdown menu.
    • If you have Enable suggested ideas turned on in Subscription settings, hover over a feedback item suggested by our Pendo AI assistant under Link suggested feedback and select Accept.

Create idea.png

The idea then appears in your ideas table in the Validate page. For an overview, see Create and manage ideas in Validate.

If you’re an internal user with admin permissions, you can also add Effort and Impact ratings after an idea is created. Select the name of the idea under the Title column of the Ideas table to open the details of the idea. The details open in a slide-out panel on the right-side of the Validate page where you can select the Effort and Impact ratings from the dropdown menus.

This data is used in the Analysis tab to help you prioritize what to build next. For more information, see Compare and prioritize ideas in Validate.


View ideas

To view existing ideas, navigate to Listen > Validate. The Ideas tab is open by default. This page displays your Ideas list, where you can view a list of existing ideas that can then be tested in the Idea Tests tab. You can test up to 3 ideas in a single idea test. Above this table are Global filters.

Global filters

You can apply filters at the top of the Ideas tab and the Analysis tab of Validate. These are global filters, which means that changing the filters in one tab applies to the other tab as well. You can filter by the following:

To set a date range, toggle off the All Time option and choose from the options in the dropdown menu next to the toggle.

All time.png

Ideas list

In the table below the filters, you can see a list all of your existing ideas. You can edit the table based on the column you want to see.

  • Title. The descriptive name given to the idea.
  • Status. Where the idea is in your development process.
  • Effort. The expected time, money, and other resources to fulfill an idea.
  • Impact. The predicted value that the fulfilled idea will have on the business and customer base.
  • Apps. The applications that the idea relates to.
  • Product Area. The Product Area that the idea relates to, or “No Product Area” if none was assigned. For more information, see Grouping with product areas and labels in Listen.
  • Created By. The user that originally created the idea.
  • Created Time. The date and time that the idea was originally created.
  • Last Updated By. The user that last updated the idea.
  • Last Updated Time. The date and time that the idea was last updated.
  • Votes. The number of votes that an idea received. If there is a wand icon with a number next to it in this column, Listen has linking suggestions for you. For more information, see Link feedback items to ideas.
  • Labels. Keywords used to categorize ideas. For more information, see Grouping with product areas and labels in Listen.
  • Account Votes. The number of Accounts that voted on an idea.
  • ARR. A value that you can optionally pass to Pendo through the customer value metadata field.

Edit table columns

To customize columns, select the Manage Columns icon in the top-right corner of the list. In the window that opens, you can add, remove, and move columns in the table.


You can also delete an idea from within the Ideas table by hovering over the Idea that you want to remove and then selecting the Delete (trash can) icon at the end of the row. You're then asked to confirm that you want to delete the idea, which also deletes all associated data. If you don't want to delete the idea, select Cancel. If you do want to delete the idea, select Delete Idea.

View and edit idea details

To view the details of an individual idea, select the name of the idea from the Ideas table, under the Title column. The details of the idea open in a slide-out panel on the right-side of the page.

Here, you can:

  • Add a cover to the idea by selecting Add cover above the title.
  • Change the title of the idea by selecting the existing title and entering a new one.
  • Change the status of the idea using the dropdown menu directly below the Overview tab.
  • Edit the description of the idea.
  • Add and edit labels
  • Choose an App and Product area.
  • If you're an admin user, provide Effort and Impact estimates.
  • Complete various Actions, including creating a segment, adding a workaround, linking to feedback items, and promoting the idea to a roadmap feature.
  • Add one or more Votes to the idea.

Idea panel.png

Add votes to ideas

After creating an idea, you can then collect votes on those ideas from your visitors. Votes are added to ideas:

Votes are accompanied with an importance rating: Must HaveNice to Have, or Not Interested. This is a mutually exclusive choice. Users can't rank ideas by importance to them.

Select the Votes tab to view the votes added to an idea and their respective importance ratings. You can view votes on an idea in a card view or a table view using the icons next to Apply Page Filters

Toggle on Apply Page Filters if you want to filter the votes in the idea by the filters already applied to the Validate page.

Votes Grid view.png  Votes List view.png

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