Add a help center to your mobile app

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Reduce your support ticket volume and embrace the product-led approach by adding a help center to your mobile app.

Add a help center

The Help Center layout lets you create an in-app help center by linking to multiple guides to help your users use your app. You can add links to important support articles or a "Give us feedback" poll, or use deep links for a walkthrough guide to send your users to a specific location in the app.


The layout is predefined with button actions:

  • Deep link to navigate your visitors to the desired location.
  • Launch Guide to trigger customized walkthroughs for these pages.

Frequently asked questions

What are deep links?

Deep links send users directly to an app instead of a website or a store. They are used to send users to specific in-app locations, saving users time and energy locating a particular page themselves and significantly improving the user experience.

How do I know if my app has deep links?

Consult your app developers, as these are implemented in the application’s URL scheme (iOS Universal Links) or an intent URL (on Android devices).

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