Edit an existing tagged mobile Feature

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There are two ways to access Features that are tagged on a specific Page:

  • Access all Features tagged on a specific page via the Page in the designer.
  • In the Navigation bar, go to Product > Features and select Tag Features to open the Designer on the Page where the Feature has been tagged. 


Edit Features

  1. Go to Pages and filter to your mobile app.
  2. Select the Page the Feature is on, and select Tag Page.
  3. Select Edit (pencil icon) on the Feature you want to edit.Screen_Shot_2022-03-01_at_8.51.32.png

    You can always see how the changes are affecting the Feature rule before applying them:Screen_Shot_2022-02-06_at_14.17.01.png
Note: Changes can take up to 90 minutes to process and correctly reflect in the UI.

Feature attributes

Note: When editing Feature attributes, wait 5 minutes for the new attributes to take effect in guides, due to caching.


Ignore index in list

Pendo automatically tags the Feature by the position/index of the item in the list when tagging a list item in your application (a line in a table, a menu entry, etc).

For example:
If the 1st list item is tagged, Pendo collects analytics only on clicks on the 1st item. If the 3rd item is tagged, Pendo collects analytics only on clicks the 3rd item, and so on. This usually works well with static lists.

Ignore index in list can be used for dynamic lists where the content of the list changes per user each time a user logs into the application. This allows you to collect analytics of any click on a list element, regardless of its position.

  • Selecting List-item as Guide Activation launches the guide by clicking any of the list items
  • Targeting a List-item with a Tooltip Guide points at the first item in the list 

App wide

Used for Features that appear across your mobile app, such as on the navigation menu or a tab bar button. App-wide lets Pendo collect click events for these Features regardless of the Page tagged in your app.

As a best practice, tag the app-wide Feature from the home screen or use a naming convention that will help you (or others) easily locate it (ie: "Info (tagged on Home)"). 

Note: You can edit an app-wide Feature from the original page it was tagged on. The Feature won't appear as tagged when managing other pages that include the same feature at this point.

Advanced Feature attributes  

Pendo identifies the mobile Feature based on its attributes. At times, the automatically selected default attributes may not identify the Feature precisely. You can refine Feature rules by toggling the attributes that best identify the Feature. 

Note: Not all attributes appear for all Features. Each Feature has a different set of attributes.

Rule name Description iOS or Android
App wide

Enable this to collect clicks for this feature from all pages. You do not have to tag it on other pages.


Ignore index in list Enable this to ignore the position of this feature in its list. Both
Ignore bundle name Enable this to ignore the bundle name. iOS
Action Action triggered by user tap or click on the feature. Both
Text Display text of the feature. Both
Accessibility hint Description of action taken, aids accessibility and user understanding. iOS
Accessibility label Descriptive text for the feature, aids accessibility and screen readers. Both
Accessibility identifier

Text for identifying the feature, aids accessibility and testing.



Position of the feature within its parent.
Enable this attribute if the position of the feature is static.


View tag

Identifier for the feature, simplifies referencing and manipulation in code.


Child element texts

Enable this attribute if the texts of the child elements are unique on this page.


Cell row

Row position inside the table.


Cell section

Section position inside the table.



Action triggered by user tap or click on the feature.


Image name Image asset name. iOS
ID ID assigned by the developer in the code. Android
View controller Feature's container element in the app’s screen hierarchy. iOS
Feature class

Class name of the feature.


Feature class

Class name of the feature.


Identifying issues with Feature analytics

Does it look like there are too few or too many clicks on a specific Feature? Or are Features showing identical clicks? 

This could mean the default rule which Pendo selected may be too strict, or not strict enough. We recommend refining a Feature's rules if you notice a potential issue with the analytics. 

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