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The ROI tab in Validate helps you to understand the return on investment (ROI) as a result of using Validate and the impact it's having on your organization. It shows you the following metrics when one or more Idea Tests have been published and when one or more votes have been received: engagement, time saved, number of ideas tests run, number of ideas tested, number of visitors voted, and number of comments received.


For more information on idea tests, see Test ideas in Validate.

Filter by date range

You can change the date range using the dropdown at the top of the page.


Engagement and time saved

The first section summarizes the number of accounts engaged and the estimated time saved.


Accounts Engaged. The number of accounts with visitors that have voted on test ideas or provided comments. Note that the number of visitors that voted and commented is likely to be higher than the number of accounts shown under Accounts Engaged.

Estimated Time Saved. The estimated time saved is calculated by multiplying the number of votes by 15 minutes. This is the total amount of time you’ve saved as a result of using Validate, as opposed to traditional methods of collecting this feedback from users.

The 15 minutes per vote calculation is a conservative estimate that accounts for the time it would otherwise take to:

  • Find the right customer to speak to.
  • Email or phone the customer to engage them in the question.
  • Collate the different votes together from the answers provided by customers.


The second section summarizes the actions taken in Validate.


Tests Viewed. The number of Idea Tests that have been viewed by visitors. An idea test presents a subset of ideas to your target visitors to understand the demand for product initiatives and investments. For more information, see Test ideas in Validate.

Ideas Tested. The number of individual ideas included in idea tests. Note that the number of ideas should be greater than the number of idea tests, and can be up to three times greater because an idea test can include up to three ideas.

Votes Collected. The number of votes added to ideas as part of idea tests.

Comments Received. The number of comments that were posted in idea tests.


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