How do upcoming changes in SDK certificate validation affect my Android app?

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The Google CT service used in certificate validation for our SDK is changing and will no longer allow our SDK to verify certificates. As this is a free service, we have no control over the timeline. While we partner with Google to finalize a date, any Android application using any version of the Pendo SDK must upgrade to the latest version, 2.21.1, for the app to continue using any Pendo services, such as Guides or analytics.

What do I need to do?

Update your Android app to SDK 2.21.1 and release it to the Google Play Store.

Is there a workaround?

Unfortunately, there is no workaround this time.

What happens if we don’t do this?

Users with older Pendo SDKs on their phones will still be able to collect analytics and deliver guides. However, it is recommended to update your Android app.

Is there a security risk?

There is no security risk for a device running an older version of the Android mobile SDK, but the device will no longer send analytics or display Guides.

Note: Any additional questions can be directed to Pendo’s support team via the Resource Center.