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Validate is a new Pendo offering as of January, 2023. We're making our release and update process transparent by providing a list of changes since its launch.

July, 2023

Delete an Idea from the Ideas table

You can delete an Idea from the Ideas list in Validate. Hover over the idea you want to delete and select the trash icon at the end of the row. For more information about the Ideas list, see Validate ideas.

Full-screen view for creating Ideas

When you create an idea from the Ideas tab in Validate, you're taken to a form that spans the page to give you better visibility of all the fields. For a screenshot of what this looks like, see Create and test ideas with Validate.

June 2023

Single-page view for Idea Tests

As well as the multi-page view, you can now choose to create idea tests that present ideas for visitors to vote on in a single-page view. For information about the end-user experience of single-page and multi-page idea test views, see Create and test ideas with Validate.

April 2023

New "not interested" option for voters

Ideas created in Validate can be rated by importance: Must HaveNice to Have, or Not Interested. For more information, see Validate ideas. For information on how these importance levels can be used for defining segment rules, see Create segments from idea votes in Validate.

Updated permissions in Validate

You can now choose between AdministratorViewerContributor, and Manager roles for Validate. The default for new users is Contributor, which has Viewer permissions as well as the ability to create and delete ideas, and to add and remove their own votes. For more information, see Validate ideas.

March 2023

New ROI tab

Validate now has an ROI tab to help you understand the return on investment (ROI) as a result of using Validate and the impact it's having on your organization. For more information, see View return on investment (ROI) for Validate.

Create segments based on voting behavior in Validate

You can use the idea voting behavior as the data source for defining a segment rule. For more information and instructions on creating segments based in voting behavior, see Create segments from idea voters in Validate.

January 2023

Navigation changes

If you're on a smaller screen, the Validate page is found by choosing More in the left-side navigation and then selecting Validate from the dropdown menu.

Validate ideas

We released validate as a beta offering accessed from the left-side menu in Pendo Engage, allowing you to create product Ideas that you can add votes to and test by capturing real responses from your target audience. For more information, see Validate ideas.

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