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Roadmaps is a new Pendo offering as of January, 2023. This is different from the Feedback Roadmap feature, which you can find out more about in Pendo Roadmap. For information about releases in Feedback Roadmap, see What's new in Feedback.

We're making our release and update process for the new Roadmaps in Pendo Engage transparent by providing a list of changes since its launch.

September, 2023

Now, Next, Later template availability (beta)

The Now, Next, Later roadmap template is available to all customers with access to Engage Roadmaps. For more information, see Roadmaps in Pendo Engage and Create and edit roadmaps.

August 2023

Roadmap templates (closed beta)

We've developed customizable roadmap templates: Timeline or Now, Next, Later. All customers can use the Timeline template. Customers in our closed beta group can choose between the two templates. For more information, see Roadmaps in Pendo Engage.

March 2023

Sharing and exporting roadmaps

You can share your roadmap with internal users and grant them either Viewer or Editor access. You can either share with specific people or copy the link. You can also download your roadmap as an image to share with customers. For more information, see Roadmaps in Pendo Engage.

Resizing items in your roadmap

You can resize items on your roadmap so that they start and finish where you need them to along the timeline. This includes the individual features nested within an initiative. For more information, see Roadmaps in Pendo Engage.

New experience for adding items to your roadmap

Use the + Add to Roadmap button to create new features or initiatives and to add items from your backlog to your roadmap. For more information, see Create and edit roadmaps.

January 2023

Navigation changes

If you're on a smaller screen, the Roadmaps page is found by choosing More in the left-side navigation and then selecting Roadmaps from the dropdown menu.


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