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You can create your own table views of feedback that consist of custom column layouts, sorting, and filtering to return to later and to share with colleagues. For an overview of the Feedback views page, see the Overview of Pendo Discover.

Note: Feedback in Discover is different from the classic Pendo Feedback product and is currently in closed beta, available to select Pendo customers for testing. The information that follows isn't a commitment, promise, or legal obligation. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described here are subject to change at the discretion of Pendo, which can occur without notice. If you're interested in getting early access and providing feedback, sign up to the beta waitlist.

Default and favorite views

There are two default views that are always available to you in the Feedback views page:

  • All Feedback. A table view and insights for all feedback items received.
  • New Feedback. A table view and insights for all feedback with a status of New.

New users can find these under Favorite views at the top of the page. The Favorite views section is unique to you. While All Feedback and New Feedback views can't be deleted. They can still be removed from your Favorite views and added back at any time.

To add or remove a feedback view from your Favorite views, select or deselect the star icon next to a feedback view. A selected star icon is has a yellow fill.

Open a saved feedback view

To open a saved custom view of customer feedback, navigate to Discover > Feedback from the left-side menu. This opens the Feedback views page. Use the search and filter functionality to find and open the appropriate saved view from the list. 

Every saved view of feedback data comes with its own details page consisting of insights and a list of feedback requests contributing to the saved view. For an overview of the Feedback items tab, see Manage feedback in Pendo Discover. For an overview of the Insights tab, see View feedback insights.

If you receive large volumes of data, you can narrow down this data using the filters at the top of the page. For an overview of filters, see Manage feedback in Pendo Discover.

Create a new table view

Navigate to Discover > Feedback and select Create new view in the top-right of the page. This opens a new view for you to edit. Edit the table view of feedback to suit your needs.

  1. Edit the name of the saved view by selecting the default title and entering a new name.
  2. Optionally, add a description below the title.
  3. Edit the table view using the filters and search field as described in Find and filter customer feedback, and by changing the columns as described in Edit table columns

This prompts a Save button to appear at the top of the table. This button saves the view to your Feedback Views page and automatically adds the view to your favorites. For information about your favorites, see the Overview of Pendo Discover.

Edit an existing saved view

Navigate to Discover > Feedback and then search for the saved custom view in the Feedback views page. Select the saved view to open it. Edit the table view of feedback to suit your needs. You can edit a view:

  • Using the filters at the top of the page.
  • Using the search field next to the filters for the saved view. This is different from the search functionality in the top-right corner of the page, which searches all feedback items and ideas in Discover. For more information, see Overview of Pendo Discover.
  • By adding, removing, and reordering the columns in the table in the Feedback items tab. 

Changes to the view prompts a Save view button to appear at the top of the page. Selecting this button saves the changes you made to the existing view. This replaces the existing view with the view you’ve just created.

To save a new view based on your changes, select the dropdown arrow (V) next to Save view and then choose Save as new view.

Delete a saved view

You can delete a saved view from:

  • The details of the custom view. Select the trash icon at the top of the page and then Delete view in the confirmation window that opens.
  • Directly from the table. Find and hover over the saved view in the list of feedback views, and select the trash icon that appears in the far right of the row for that view.

Confirm that you want to delete the view or select Cancel to go back.


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