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When your request is added to Feedback, it becomes part of our request library, which is used by our Product team to research new features and enhancements, and to develop our roadmap.

If, instead of needs or use cases, you want to report a bug or have a query about how to use Pendo, see Get help with Pendo from Technical Support.

What happens to requests

New requests are automatically assigned the Not Reviewed status. This means that the Pendo Product team hasn’t reviewed the request yet.

We review top requests and those that align with our current strategy at least every two weeks. When we review requests we determine if our team can pick up requests for investigation or if they align with an upcoming project. We won’t necessarily review every pending request every two weeks. Feedback has powerful filtering tools that allow us to find the most important and most relevant requests that we need for planning.

After the team has reviewed your request, most new requests are set to Awaiting Feedback to give other customers time to vote and prioritize. When we've gathered more data, the request is moved to Planned or Declined.

Planned means that the work is already planned or will be planned for delivery over the next few months. It’s likely we’ll reach out to you for early feedback or beta participation if you submitted the request or selected I want this on a feedback request. We encourage you to add a comment indicating interest in an early review of the feature when we begin delivery.

Declined could mean a few things:

  • You can already achieve the outcome you’re looking for in the app. In this case, we’ll let you know how.
  • We already have the request covered under another planned request and we’re declining your request to keep our data clean.
  • We won’t accommodate the request because it doesn’t align with the direction of our product.

Status updates

You receive an email notification whenever the status of a request you're subscribed to changes.

If your request has been changed to Planned, the next step is for us to build it. You receive another email when our engineers have started Building. You might also get communication from us requesting early feedback and offering beta opportunities.

Once the feature is live, we update the status of your request to Released, meaning you can use the new feature or functionality in Pendo. Look for in-app announcements, guides, and Help Center articles to learn more about your new feature.

What happens if your feedback is "stuck"

If we haven't reviewed your request yet and it's a high priority for you, you can do the following:

  • Make sure it's at the top of your priority list.
  • Make sure your request is clear and detailed. If your request is specific, it minimizes the discovery and assumptions we need to make decisions. You can add details and use cases in a comment on your request.
  • Make sure you at least answer the following questions. Why do you need this? What are you trying to do that you can’t do currently? What is the impact of that?
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