Hostname list for Pendo subscriptions in restricted network environments

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If your organization operates in a restricted network environment where access is limited to pre-approved domains through a firewall, VPN, or web filter, it's essential to request explicit traffic allowance to Pendo servers from your network administrators.

Hostnames, which are specific addresses assigned to individual subdomains within a domain, play a crucial role in accessing Pendo. The hostnames listed in this article are essential for reaching both core service hosts necessary for using the Pendo app and support service hosts used for referencing Knowledge Base articles and other support offerings. Hosts related to accessing our marketing website and other non-core service aspects related hosts aren't included.

Wildcard option

You can include multiple hostnames under a single wildcard entry using asterisks (*). This means that you don't have to list each subdomain separately, and it automatically includes any new hosts we add to these domains in the future. This simplifies your allowlist management and ensures continued access to evolving subdomains.

For easy setup, we recommend adding the following wildcard entries to your allowlist:

  • *
  • *

If you use these wildcards, omit all hostnames in the Full list of hosts that end with and

Full list of hosts

The following table provides a comprehensive list of hosts that are essential for accessing Pendo's core and support services.

If you choose not to use wildcards, as recommended earlier in this article, some of these hosts might require modification if the data center for your subscription is outside of the United States. Detailed instructions for these modifications are in the subsequent section: Location-based changes.


Description Access the main Pendo application. Used by your Pendo agent to retrieve guide metadata and send event data from your web application. Loads your Pendo agent Javascript file and global CSS. Loads guide content for the Pendo app. Loads staging agents and some templated guide content.

Loads guide content for your application.

Replace YOUR_SUB_ID with your subscription ID. This is a numeric value that you can obtain from your Pendo account representative. Loads guide metadata and event data for the Pendo app.

Access the future Pendo Listen portal.

Access the Pendo Feedback portal. Loads the Pendo Feedback widget so that you can submit and vote on feedback requests. Allows you to download mobile SDK releases. Allows for SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) login.

Access the Pendo Support team and Knowledge Base articles for learning and troubleshooting content. Access Pendo's developer documentation. Access Pendo's web agent API documentation. Access Pendo's current REST API documentation. Access Pendo's future REST API documentation. Access Pendo Academy to sign up for live webinars and access on-demand learning and courses. Access our self-serve payment system to upgrade your Pendo Starter plan. Display external fonts in the Pendo web app.

Loads guide content sent from the Pendo team.

Location-based changes

If your Pendo subscription is managed through our EU, US1, or Japan data centers, it's important to update certain hostnames accordingly. To determine your subscription's data center, examine the URL used to access Pendo and check for the presence of eu, us1, or jpn. If you're uncertain about whether this applies to your subscription, contact your Pendo account representative.

If you opt to use wildcards, as recommended earlier in this article, these changes aren't necessary.

EU changes

Original hostname EU hostname

US1 changes

Original hostname US1 hostname

JPN changes

Original hostname JPN hostname N/A N/A


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