Identity management checklist

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To ensure precise visitor tracking through identity management (closed beta), we advise reviewing your setup in accordance with the guidelines provided in this article. These guidelines help ensure proper connections between anonymous and identified visitor activity.

Consider these recommendations

In addition to the required setup steps detailed in this article, consider the following best practices and recommendations for accurate identity management:

  • Initialize Pendo before users sign in to your app.
  • Assign visitors the same Visitor ID across all of your apps within your Pendo subscription.
  • If your apps are on different domains or if sharing cookies across subdomains isn't an option, ensure that it’s possible for visitors to sign in to each app (with a consistent Visitor ID) so that we can automatically identify and merge usage. It’s important that visitors are mapped to a single Visitor ID across each domain because we don’t currently support manual merging of Visitor IDs.
  • If possible, encourage visitors to allow cookies and advise against regularly clearing their local storage.

Initialize Pendo for anonymous visitors

The initial step for identifying anonymous visitors involves calling pendo.initialize() while the user is anonymous. This action generates an anonymous Visitor ID that forms the basis for effective tracking.

If you aren't initializing Pendo prior to visitors signing up or into your app, see our guidelines to Install Pendo on a single-page web application and Install Pendo on a multi-page web application and update your install script accordingly.

Share cookies across subdomains

Sharing cookies across subdomains ensures that anonymous Visitor IDs remain consistent across your subdomains. This is required if you want to connect anonymous and identified visitor activity across subdomains that don’t have separate logins.

Enabling shared cookies across subdomains is helpful when:

  • You’re tracking visitors across multiple apps within the same domain (for example, and and it’s unlikely they’ll sign in to each app.
  • You have multiple apps within the same domain that share a single login.

For instructions on sharing cookies across subdomains, see Track anonymous visitors across subdomains.

Note: If a visitor has cookies turned off or your app is set up as local storage only, we can't track them across subdomains.

Check your mobile SDK version

To identify anonymous activities in your mobile apps, you must be on SDK version 3.1.0 or above.

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