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You can use AI to generate and build guide components in Visual Design Studio. We use Google’s Vertex Large Language Model (LLM) and Generative AI to build a guide that you can edit for tone, accuracy, and completeness. The AI functionality uses your guide name and associated app as prompts, along with other information you provide, including:

  • The maximum number of steps in your guide.
  • The goal or purpose of the guide.
  • The tone of the guide.


The setting to allow AI to generate and build guide components using Generative AI and Google’s Vertex Large Language Model (LLM) is set at subscription level.

  1. In the left-side navigation, go to Settings > Subscription Settings.
  2. Under AI Features, turn on the Enable AI guide creation setting.

    Note: This feature is available for users in US and US1 servers only.

You can opt out of using this AI feature at any time by turning the setting off.

Build a guide with Pendo AI

To use this feature, select Create with AI when creating a guide. For full guidance on how to create a guide, see our Create a guide instructions.

  1. In the left-side navigation, go to Guides > Guides.
  2. In the Overview page, select Create guide > Create with AI.
  3. In the Create guide with AI page, under Prompt settings, select an app and enter an app alias.
  4. Enter a URL for the page where the guide starts.
  5. In Guide details, enter a meaningful name, select a theme and a category for the guide.
  6. In the Generate guide area, enter a prompt for the guide. This should be representative of what you want your guide to communicate to your users.
  7. In the second field, enter the maximum number of steps for your guide.
  8. Use the dropdown menu to choose a tone: professional, direct, expert, friendly, conversational, or casual.
  9. Select Generate Guide.

This results in a suggested guide, including a preview, for you to review and edit.

Edit guide behavior

After reviewing and editing the AI-generated content, you can select:

  • Save draft. Returns you to the guide details page in Pendo.
  • Save and edit in designer. Prompts for a URL to launch the Visual Design Studio so you can edit the guide behavior. For more information, see Create a guide.

Manage your guide

If you selected Save and edit in designer, then when you’re finished editing your guide's behavior, select Save and then Exit. This takes you to the guide's details page in Pendo where you can manage your guide, including the following:

  • Preview your guide
  • Choose your activation method
  • Apply a segment for your guide
  • Schedule the guide
  • Move the guide status from draft to staging or published

You can go back and edit your guide by selecting Manage in my app from this details page.

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