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Ask Pendo is an AI-powered question and answer (Q&A) bot that's designed to streamline your support experience by providing quick answers to your questions about Pendo's modules and features. After you submit a question, Ask Pendo processes and interprets it, searching through Pendo’s help resources to generate an answer.

Note: This offering is currently in closed beta, available to select Pendo customers for testing. The information that follows are not commitments, promises, or legal obligations made by Pendo to you. We encourage you to consult other Knowledge Base articles and your dedicated Pendo representative to validate the answers that are provided to you by Ask Pendo. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described here are subject to change at the discretion of Pendo, which can occur without notice.


Before you can use Ask Pendo, a Pendo Admin can enable it from the Resource Center or from your subscription settings. When you enable Ask Pendo, all users in your Pendo subscription can access Ask Pendo from the Resource Center.

To enable Ask Pendo from the Resource Center:

  1. Open the Resource Center, then select Ask Pendo (beta).


  2. Select Review and accept terms to navigate to a confirmation modal in your subscription settings.
  3. After reading the linked terms and conditions, enter I accept, then select Enable to activate the bot in your Resource Center. 

To enable Ask Pendo from your subscription settings:

  1. From the left-side menu, select Settings > Subscription Settings.
  2. Navigate to the AI Features section, then select the checkbox next to Ask Pendo.
  3. After reading the linked terms and conditions, enter I accept, then select Enable to activate the bot in your Resource Center. 

If you want to turn off Ask Pendo for your subscription, navigate to the Ask Pendo subscription setting, then deselect the checkbox. This action removes Ask Pendo access from all users in your subscription.

Ask questions

After Ask Pendo is activated in your subscription settings, all users in your subscription can access the bot through the Resource Center through the Ask Pendo (beta) module.

Note: Since Ask Pendo operates as a Q&A bot, it doesn't retain memory of previous interactions or have the capability for ongoing chat.

  1. Select Ask Pendo (beta) from the Resource Center, then enter your question in the text box, up to 30 words.
  2. Submit your question by selecting the send icon or entering < Return > or < Enter > on your keyboard. Ask Pendo might take several seconds to gather the relevant information, then responds with an answer and links to related resources.


  3. After the answer is provided, consider rating the answer and leaving feedback to help improve Ask Pendo’s performance. If your question isn't fully answered, requires troubleshooting help, or you need to report a bug, consider posting in the Discussion Forum or Pendo Connect Slack workspace, or contact Pendo Support.
  4. If needed, ask another question by submitting a new question from the text box.
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