Set up the Jira integration with Pendo Listen

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The Jira integration with Listen allows you to link Jira issues to ideas in Listen. You can then:

  • In Pendo, see and open linked Jira issues from ideas in Listen.
  • In Jira, see and open linked ideas from Jira issues.

This article provides instructions for setting up the Jira integration with Listen. For an overview, including functionality, use cases, how it works, and the resulting user view, see the overview article, Jira integration with Pendo Listen.


  • Admin access to Jira.
  • Admin permissions in Pendo.
  • Authentication with both Pendo and Jira.

We recommend creating a specific Jira user for this integration. This protects you from having the Jira user deactivated if the employee leaves the company. 

Set up the integration

  1. In Pendo, navigate to Settings > Integrations.
  2. Find and open the Jira for Listen tile. This opens a panel on the right side of your screen.
  3. Select Set up. This opens an authentication screen, prompting you to enter your Jira credentials, for which we use
  4. Select New authentication. This opens Create a new authentication.
  5. Enter your Jira Site URL. This is the URL of your Jira dashboard and must include https://, for example,
  6. Select Create. This opens an authentication window.
  7. Under Use app on, choose your Jira site URL.
  8. After you've authenticated, select Next and then Finish in the integration panel in Pendo.
  9. Enable the integration using the toggle at the top of integration panel.

Validate the integration

  1. In Pendo, navigate to Listen > Validate.
  2. Choose an idea or create and open a test idea to link a Jira issue to.
  3. Add a Jira issue to the idea, either by creating a new Jira issue or linking to an existing Jira issue. For instructions, see Jira integration with Pendo Listen.
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