Reseller Partner Program (RPP)

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Pendo’s Reseller Partner Program (RPP) allows existing Pendo customers to sell in-app end-user training and analytics to their customers through our Reseller Adopt product. With access to Reseller Adopt, your customers can create their own customized guides and view analytics using a streamlined version of the Pendo platform.

If you're interested in learning more about RPP or becoming a reseller partner, refer to the Pendo Reseller Partner Program page on our website.

Understand Reseller Adopt and Adopt end users (AEUs)

We refer to your customers who access the Reseller Adopt product as Adopt end users (AEUs).

While you access your own guides and product analytics in Pendo, AEUs access a simplified version of this through Reseller Adopt. All AEUs have access to guides and segments in Reseller Adopt, and you can additionally choose to provide access to:

  • Page, Feature, and visitor analytics
  • The Resource Center
  • Workflows
  • Paths
  • API

Since Reseller Adopt is one of Pendo's suite of products, all of our established privacy and security policies apply.

Note: Code block functionality isn't currently supported in Reseller Adopt.

Share data with AEUs

As a reseller partner, you have the unique ability to share data and settings in Pendo with your AEUs. This allows AEUs to access this information in their own subscriptions and leverage this shared data for analytics and guides. Shared data can include Pages and Features, metadata, and language preferences for localization.

Share Pages and Features

To share a Page or Feature with your AEUs, you must have the Adopt Manager role assigned to your user account.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Adopt Settings > Configure Analytics.
  2. Select + Manage Pages or + Manage Features in the appropriate table header, depending on the type of event you'd like to share.


  3. Select the checkbox next to each Page or Feature you'd like to share with your AEUs, then select Publish in the bottom-right corner of the page.
  4. When published, a confirmation message appears and all AEUs can access the selected Pages or Features in Reseller Adopt. It also shows a message at the top of the page indicating that Page or Feature is shared with your Adopt end users.

When sharing Features, Adopt Managers can also attach Features to shared Pages by opening the Feature details page through Product > Features and assigning it to a Page through the Page Info selection within the Details dropdown. If you choose to attach a Feature to an unshared Page, you’re prompted to first share the Page with your AEUs.


Note: While all Pendo users in your subscription can view shared Pages and Features, only Adopt Managers can delete shared Pages and Features or attach Features to unshared Pages.

If you want to unshare a Page that has shared Features associated with it, you must first unshare each Feature associated with the Page. An Adopt Manager can do this by selecting + Manage Features on the Configure Analytics page, unchecking the box next to the relevant Features, and selecting Publish.

Share metadata

If you want to share a metadata field that’s available through Settings > Data Mappings with your AEUs, contact your Partner Enablement Manager (PEM) and let them know which fields you want to enable in Reseller Adopt. By enabling these metadata fields, AEUs can use them to build segments, target guides, and filter analytics.

After a metadata field is enabled in Reseller Adopt:

  • Your AEUs can view the metadata fields and values in Reseller Adopt on a visitor’s details page through Analytics > Visitors.
  • Values are updated on all events captured through the Pendo agent in Reseller Adopt from that point onward. No metadata is applied to events captured prior to sharing the metadata with AEUs. You start receiving data after your AEUs sign in to and interact with your app.
  • The metadata fields can’t be disabled or removed, and the following message displays next to the field on the Data Mappings page: “This metadata is tied to Pendo Adopt and cannot be removed.”

Share language preferences for localization

As long as your AEUs have access to a metadata field that determines a visitor’s language, the language preferences you choose for guide localization in your application settings are automatically shared with your AEUs.

Pendo determines which language to serve visitors based on the visitor’s metadata. You can use the default language metadata that Pendo collects from the visitor's browser, or a Pendo admin can set up a custom language metadata value through Settings > Data Mappings. If you choose to set up a custom metadata field, you can set the name and values of that metadata to your preferences.

For information on how to set your language preferences, see Localization.

Note: Deleting language preferences isn’t supported. When you add a language, it’s automatically shared with all of your AEUs. Deleting a language currently in use could disrupt guide delivery for customers because you don't know which customers have guides translated into which languages.

View AEU analytics in Pendo

Through the Adopt app in your Pendo subscription, you gain access to product analytics related to your AEUs' utilization of Reseller Adopt and the ability to create guides and a Resource Center, which display in Reseller Adopt.

This data offers insights into usage patterns, enabling you to identify areas for enhancement and effectively showcase the value proposition to your AEUs. It can also help you identify power users who can serve as customer advocates and contribute to success stories.

Analytics data is available from the time that you request this functionality be turned on for your subscription. If you don’t currently have access to the Adopt application in Pendo and are interested in turning on this data, contact your Partner Enablement Manager (PEM).

Important: When AEU analytics are turned on for your subscription, all users in your subscription are able to access the Adopt application. If you don’t want all users in your subscription to have access to this data, we don’t recommend turning it on.

Use the Adopt application

The Adopt application is available to all partners who access Pendo through With access to the Adopt app, you can:

  • Filter data by this app throughout Pendo.


  • View Pages and Features related to AEU usage in Reseller Adopt, which are shared by Pendo and can't be edited, deleted, or shared with your AEUs.
  • Tag additional Pages and Features that your AEUs interact with in Reseller Adopt.
  • Create segments based on product usage data, like Feature clicks and poll responses.
  • Create guides and a Resource Center in Pendo that display to your AEUs in Reseller Adopt.


Note: If you need to bypass Pendo's guide throttling settings for the Adopt app, you can choose to Ignore Guide Throttling Settings in an individual guide's settings within the Visual Design Studio.

The Adopt application in Pendo is used similarly to other applications you’ve added with Pendo. However, it’s important to note what isn’t supported:

  • Analytics related to usage of the Visual Design Studio.
  • Launching guides that display in the Visual Design Studio.
  • Targeting guides based on your visitor and account metadata.
  • Adding code blocks to guides or Resource Center content.
  • Capturing replays with Session Replay.

Change the Adopt app name

A Pendo admin can change the application name from Adopt:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings.
  2. Select the Applications tab, then open the Adopt application.
  3. Select the Display name value, and update according to your preferences.
  4. To save your changes, select the blue checkmark.

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