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Discussion Forum moderators are power users of Pendo who leverage their real-world Pendo experience to help other users succeed. These product, customer experience, design, or education professionals receive unique and valuable perks for being part of our overall Pendo Advocates program.

Roles and responsibilities

Moderators in the Discussion Forum volunteer their time to:

  • Answer questions in our community.
  • Share valuable tips and skills.
  • Participate in community conversations regularly.
  • Contribute to special events, such as Q&A sessions. 

Additionally, moderators help maintain the forum by:

  • Removing spam posts.
  • Flagging issues needing attention from Pendo Community managers.
  • Providing feedback to improve the Pendo community experience.

Qualifications and expectations

We seek individuals with experience using Pendo products and tools, especially those with expertise in specific areas of the product. Moderators should have:

  • Good writing skills.
  • A problem-solving approach.
  • Empathy, friendliness, and helpfulness.

While most questions are in English, we welcome support for our global audience as well.

Become a moderator

We're always looking for new moderators to join the team. If you're interested in becoming a Discussion Forum moderator or engaging in other advocacy activities, apply using our Pendo Advocates invite form.

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