Agent 2.0 FAQ

What is the Pendo Agent, and what is the “snippet”?

The Pendo Agent is the Javascript code which runs inside of the browser of your web application visitors. A standard Pendo installation loads the Pendo Agent securely and asynchronously from our Cloudfront CDN.

The “Snippet” is the few lines of code found on the Install page of Pendo Install Setup that pulls in the full Agent into your application.

How can I tell if I have the old version or the new version?

You will be able to identify which Pendo snippet and pendo agent version you are currently using by typing:
into the browser’s console. If it says 2.0 or higher, you are on the new version of the snippet and agent. If is version 1.x, then you are on the old version and should upgrade.

What are the benefits of moving to Agent 2.0?

Previously, all customers shared the same agent. When we released new versions of the Agent, everyone immediately received these new changes.

Agent 2.0 gives each subscription their own personalized Agent. It lets your team decide when they want to upgrade Pendo Agent versions. If you want things to continue working as they have to date, you can set it to always pull the most recent version. However, now you can manually select versions to assist with your testing processes.

Going forward we will only be adding features to Agent 2.0, so you likely will want to upgrade. Using an older version of the Pendo Agent is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Older Pendo Agent versions will lack any future features and bug fixes. An older version will also become more difficult to support.

Do I have to move to new version? If I don’t, what will happen?

Generally, yes. We will not break anything for users of the old Agent, but we will ONLY be adding features to Agent 2.0+.

How do I move to new version?

Update your snippet in your website using the instructions in the Pendo Application in Settings -> Subscription Settings -> Choose your App -> Install Settings (as an Administrator).

What’s your suggested setup for staging and production? (eg. which version should I run)

It depends on your comfort level. You could use “latest” on staging and manually select the most recent tested version that you have tested for production.

What is JSONP and XHR? Which should I use?

Pendo’s current default is JSONP, so you are more than likely using that now. If things are working well for you, stick with JSONP. In general, JSONP is the most widely supported option in terms of browser support. Certainly if you’re product has older browsers, we’d highly recommend using JSONP.

Some customer’s security teams have issues with JSONP based on their customer’s security requirements. These customers use our XHR transport for guide contents.

What is the difference between Beta, Stable and Manual?


Beta will automatically update your site to have the most recent version of the Pendo Agent. This is the default and recommended setting for staging servers.

Stable will automatically update your site to a version of the agent that would normally be one to two weeks behind the Beta version. This is the default and recommended setting for production servers.

Manual will let you pick specific versions of the agent. This allows you to test a version on staging for example, and then switch over to that fully tested version on production if you so wish.

What are the requirements to switch to Agent 2.0?

There are no special requirements for Agent 2.0 If you have the current agent installed, Agent 2.0 will work.