What is account data?

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The Account tab in your Pendo interface shows you a summary of all of the accounts that have accessed your product recently. If you are like many SaaS companies, you will have individual users or visitors signing into your product, but many of those visitors will all belong to the same paying account per the image below.


From the Accounts tab, you will be able to see roll-ups of the overall activity and health of the accounts, as well as drill into individual visitors within each account. You can also pass Account level data into Pendo from your snippet to be able to target guides at specific account level attributes. For example, you can have guides show to any visitor who is part of an account that is on the Gold plan level of your SaaS service, or perhaps any visitor who is part of an account that is in the Energy sector. If you have accounts for your product, but do not see the data for them in Pendo, you may not be sending over Account information in the JavaScript Snippet when you set up Pendo.


Visitors within Multiple Accounts

Visitors can operate within multiple accounts. Each event contains both a visitor ID and an account ID to provide more accurate reporting. Be sure to have the current account ID set for the visitor. Visitors attached to multiple accounts will have a comma-delimited list of Accounts in Pendo.


Hierarchical Accounts

Some accounts have hierarchy. There are accounts and then sub-accounts. This is common for multi-site or multi-location customers. To define an account hierarchy, you may want to consider switching to a multiple level account structure, also known as parent accounts. To learn more, please see this article: Managing multiple level accounts.