Guide Details

The Guide Details page gives you a detailed, at-a-glance view of how users interact with a specific Guide. You can access the Guide Details page by clicking a Guide’s name from the Guide list. The Guide Details page includes two sections: Settings and Metrics.



The Settings section of the Guide Details page includes Content, Activation, Segment, and Scheduling tiles. These tiles make it easy to view or manage each component accordingly.


Below the guide's title, you can see which group your Guide has been assigned to and the category assigned to the guide. In addition:

  • The drop-down box (1) is where you can set your Guide as a draft, pending review, staged, or disabled, as well as delete it altogether. (Note that if you do not have admin access, you may not see all of these options.)
  • The ellipsis (“…”) button (2) gives you additional options, such as the ability to see Guide details, edit history, and clone your Guide.
  • Use the Description field (3) to add a description for the guide. You can edit this field to add context about the guides, such as tracking usage and sharing notes.

    Note: You can see the description in the Guides Overview list by adding it as a column.


The Content section contains a preview of the Guide. If you have multiple steps, you can scroll through each one without having to launch the Designer.


Guide Preview

To preview your Guide click on the "Preview Guide" option (1) or hover over your desired Guide Step and click on the "Preview" icon (2).


Once you choose "Preview," enter your page URL and click on the "Launch" button to see a live preview.


Preview mode allows you to test your Guide regardless of segment, throttling, status, or activation method on the targeted page. If you opened your preview that doesn’t match your Guide’s page target, you will see a "Wrong Page" error message.


Navigate to the Guide’s targeted page in the "Preview" mode to see your Guide.

If you want to experience the Guide exactly like your customer would, test your Guide in a staging environment.



This tile summarizes the chosen method(s) a Guide will display for a user, called the Activation Method. Guides can display automatically (as soon as a user opens an app or page), via a custom badge that users click, or via a target element on an app or page that users click. Guides can also use a combination of Automatic with Badge or Automatic with Target Element. The Guide Activation Method is set up during Guide creation and can be updated within the designer.


Take a look at the Guide Activation Options article to learn more.



The Segment tile summarizes the Guide targeting rules and the total number of eligible visitors as of today.



If you want the Guide to start and/or expire at a specific date or time, set it from this tile.



Guide Status

The Guide status can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the Guide Details page. It will contain four options: Public, Staged, Draft, and Disabled.


  • Public - The guide is public to all visitors targeted in the guide’s segment and will appear in the designated "Location" on all environments with Pendo installed. Public guides will still appear on your designated staging servers.
  • Staged - The guide is only visible on your designated staging servers. Staging servers can be managed by admins of your subscription here. More information on staging here.
  • Draft and Disabled - The guide does not appear in any environment but can still be edited. While there is no functional difference between Draft and Disabled, these categories are helpful for guide organization.
  • Delete - Deletes the guide and all of its data permanently.


More Options

The More Options button provides access to additional details about the guide and guide copying. Click the ellipse button in the top right of the Guide Details page to access more options.



View details

View details shows basic information on who created and updated the guide and access the permalink.

  • Created By: - User ID, date, and time of guide creation
  • Last Updated By: - User ID, date, and time of the last edit to the guide
  • Permalink - Permalink used to programmatically launch the guide with a URL

View edit history

Edit history shows an audit of all changes to a guide with some details.

  • Date - Date and time of the change
  • Status - Guide publishing status when it was changed, this can indicate when the status was changed
  • User - User who made the change



Clone guide

Clone Guide copies all guide steps and settings into a new guide with the name "Copy of (your guide name)".



Clone Guide can copy guides between apps in the same subscription. In a multi-app sub, select the app you want to copy the guide into in the Clone Guide modal. Themes can be applied and code blocks can be removed when copying if needed. Some settings cannot be cloned between apps.



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