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Warning: This article covers creating a Resource Center for customers with multiple web applications enabled for their Pendo subscription. If you wish to setup your Resource Center refer back to the overview article.


The Resource Center (formerly the Guide Center) houses additional in-context help that you can make readily available to your end users. This can include standard help articles or FAQs, as well as in-app Guides that will walk users through specific processes. This gives users the ability to quickly find answers and learn how to use a product on demand. For customers who have multiple applications (or multi-app) enabled, you can specify and configure a dedicated Resource Center for each of your web applications.

Required User Permission

To setup Resource Center for any of your web applications, you will need Administrator Permission for your Pendo subscription.

Add Another Resource Center

To start, click on the “Guides” section in left-hand navigation bar and choose “Resource Center.” When you have multi-app enabled on your account, you will see a list view. If you already have a Resource Center setup, you will see like so:


To create a new Resource Center for another web app, click on the “+ Create Resource Center” button (1) in the upper right-hand corner.

Note: If your “+ Create Resource Center” button is disabled, you have created a Resource Center for all available web applications. If you need to add another web application, add it from your Subscription Settings and install it in your web application. Once installation is successful, you will be able to start configuring a new Resource Center.

Then, you will be prompted to select which web application (2) you want for this Resource Center:


From here, you will choose which modules you want to add and customize as you need. To learn more about customization options, reference the Customizing Your Modules section in the Resource Center Overview article.

Once you’re done configuring your new Resource Center for a web app, you will be able to “Push to Staging” or “Push Staging to Production” when you’re ready to proceed to the next stage.

From the home view, you will see your newly created Resource Center for a dedicated web app, “Last Updated” date, and status in your list.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Classic Guides to My Resource Center Modules?

Yes. Choose any Guide (excluding What’s New Guides) that you would like to provide your end users within the Resource Center. You can also edit the display names if you want it to use a more user-friendly title. This will not disrupt your internal naming convention.

Can I add ‘What’s New’ Guides in the Resource Center?

Coming Soon! What’s New Guides will be renamed, "Announcements."

Can I rename each Resource Center’s display name per app differently?

Yes Your Resource Centers default display name will be named “Resource Center” for all apps in your home view list. You can rename it in your list as needed. This will only be a display name for administrators. If you’re looking to change the Resource Center name when end users activate it, edit it from the Designer when you “Preview In App.”

Can I add multiple Resource Center for a single web app?

You will find adding multiple Resource Centers is not necessary since you will be able to add multiple modules and segment them as needed. For example, I can create two Onboarding Modules and segment one module for Admins and another for Read-Only users. Segmenting my modules will allow me to show applicable content to users as needed.

What does the Last Updated date and time reflect?

"Last Updated" date reflects the latest date that the Resource Center of the current Status (Draft, Staging, or Public) is edited. For example, if the Resource Center version is public, the "Last Updated" date reflects when it was promoted to "Public" since it was the last edited action. If the Resource Center were in "Staging" status, then the "Last Updated" date would represent the last date that the Resource Center was promoted to staging. And lastly, if the Resource Center was in Draft status, then the last updated date would represent that last date that the Resource Center was edited in draft.

Can I add multiple knowledge base or live chat integrations for each web app?

Not at this time. If you configure your knowledge base or live chat integration for your Pendo subscription, you will only have the one option available for all of your web applications at this time. For example: If you have multiple Zendesk knowledge bases (or multi-brand) for each product line, you will only have an option to configure one knowledge base that can be added your Resource Centers.

Refer to the larger knowledge base or live chat integration articles if you wish to learn more about setting this up for your Pendo subscription.

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