Create, Test, & Launch a Guide (Classic)

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Note: This article covers the Guide experience launched before Feb. 18th 2019. If you became a customer after this date, see Create a guide in the Visual Design Studio.

Pendo in-application guides allow teams to highlight new features, drive preferred behavior, and provide in-context support. The purpose of this article is to get comfortable with the flow of creating, testing, and launching guides.

Create a Guide

To get started, navigate to Guides page on the left navigation bar and select Manage Guides In-App to access the Guide Designer.

Type your application’s URL into Pendo’s top address bar (including http/https). This URL is where the guide you create will appear by default.


Click “Add New Guide” in the bottom left corner. Pendo has three fundamental guide types: Lightboxes, Tooltips, and Banners. Lightboxes are great for global announcements and catching a user’s attention. Tooltips are best used for highlighting an element or feature in your application. Banners are also great for announcements, but tend to be less obtrusive to the user. A walkthrough combines these three guide types to walk a user through a process. Select any of these guide types.


Click the Template dropdown to apply a Pendo provided (or custom created) template to your guide, fill in the guide content, and give the guide a title.


Test a Guide

Segment the guide to only yourself

  • Under the "Segment" section in the guide designer, click "Only Me" to change the segment to just your Visitor ID.
  • Set guide status to Public or Staged depending on where you want to see the guide.
  • Visit your application and confirm the guide appears as desired.
  • Return to the guide designer to make any modifications.

Clear Guide Data

When testing you may want an automatic guide to display again to the same visitor. To do this, set the guide status to "Staged" in the Designer to reveal the "Clear Guide Data" button and click it to reset the guide.


Warning: This will reset all of the collected guide data, but should not be a concern if the guide has not gone public to your users.




  • Change guide status to Public if in staging, or set the segment back to "Everyone" if that status is already Public, to present your users with the guide.
  • Monitor metrics on guides details page back on the Guides page.
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