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Polls are in-app messages designed to collect feedback from your users at the exact time they’re thinking about you - inside your app.

Poll responses can be used to segment your users in the future for slicing and dicing analytics or for more specific guide targeting.

Similar to guides, all components of polls can be styled freely with CSS to match the look of your app or to achieve the desired design.

Note: This article covers the Guide experience launched before Feb. 18th 2019. If you became a customer after this date, see Add guide content using building blocks information about the different Poll Building Block options using the Visual Design Studio. 

Adding Polls to Guides

Warning: modifying the HTML of a guide after a poll has been added to it can break poll functionality.

We recommend making the majority of your customizations within the "Polls" tab, using the options provided. You can then style the poll in the CSS and JS content sections however you would like. If you must customize the HTML, make sure to thoroughly test your poll as you may experience issues with poll responses not being collected at all or simply not appearing in the Pendo UI as expected.

  1. Once you have logged into Pendo, select Guides from the left-side nav.

  2. From the Guides page, select Manage Guides In-App.

  3. Select "Add New Guide" from the bottom of the guide list.

  4. Towards the bottom of the guide setup window, locate the section labeled "polls". If the polls tab isn’t visible, you likely have a template applied to the guide. To reveal the "Polls" tab, navigate to the "Content/Design" tab and click the lock icon next to the template dropdown to disconnect the guide from the template.

  5. To add a Poll, toggle the poll type dropdown and choose a poll type.

  6. Success Message: this is an optional message displayed to the user upon poll submission.

  7. Remember to save your guide once you have finalized the details of your poll.
Note: If the success message field is set to "off", the poll will close automatically upon submission.

Poll Types

Multiple Choice

Choose between a dropdown or radio list format to display response choices to the user.


Open Text Field

Use an open text field for longer qualitative responses.




Number Scale

You can use two options or as many you’d like.


NPS Survey

This poll/survey type provides a standard format for collecting NPS. The standard form for NPS is a quantitative response from 0 to 10 followed by a prompt for qualitative response.


Reviewing Results

  1. Go to the "Guides" Menu found in the left nav menu and Select the appropriate Guide containing the Poll you would like to review.

  2. Upon scrolling down the guide details page you will find a "Poll Summary" section. This section provides details on eligible visitors and the number of visitors that have seen the poll. Click on "View Poll Details" to see the full results of the poll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I create Polls?

Poll/Survey functionality can be added to a guide during the guide creation process. Towards the bottom of the guide setup window you’ll find a section labeled "Polls".

Note: The polls section will not be visible if a template is currently applied to the guide. Disconnect the guide from the template by clicking the lock icon under the "Content/Design" section to reveal the polls section.

Can I add multiple polls to a single guide?

Each guide, or step of a walkthrough, can only contain a single poll. Ignoring this will result in loss of major poll functionality including Pendo’s ability to capture poll response data. In order to prompt a user with multiple questions, you must use a walkthrough guide, and each step of the walkthrough must only contain one poll question.

You can mix and match poll types to create more complex/engaging questionnaires.

Who can create polls?

Only users with admin permissions can create Polls.

How do I retire/stop a poll?

If you are no longer interested in polling users, you can toggle the guide to draft or disabled status. You will still be able to see all of the data for that poll. To turn it back on at a later date, change the status back to public.

Where can I find and manage poll results?

Poll results can be found on the guide details page. You can also see a specific visitor poll responses on the visitor details page.

Can I segment users based off poll response?

Yes! Any type of poll or survey response can be used for segmenting. When creating a segment choose "Poll Response" under Product Usage to compose a rule based on the response data.

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