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As of Sept. 12, 2018, Pendo’s NPS feature set includes delivering an in-app survey and then providing an email back-up to users who didn’t respond in-app within their 14-day window. Everything will be provided within a new survey management experience. Once you have your survey published, you can set up the Slack integration to see responses in real-time and initiate action on the feedback with your company as soon as possible.

Before Converting Your Existing Survey

Before you convert your survey, you might have a few questions. Here’s a quick FAQ checklist:

Is there an additional cost associated? 
No. This upgrade is free of charge.

Can I switch back to the old version? 
No. This action is irreversible. If you would like to edit or remove settings, you will be able to still modify your NPS survey without resending your survey to users who already saw it.

Will my existing data be preserved? 
Yes. All data associated with the current survey including: NPS Question, follow-up question(s) and success message settings, scores, responses, delivery information. Upgrading the survey will not cause repeat views and/or responses.

Can I still switch to the new version when my survey is customized? 
Yes. But, unfortunately, this conversion won’t preserve any special customizations such as additional content, custom JavaScript, etc.

If I convert my survey, will it display to users who have already seen it? 
No. Upgrading the survey will not cause repeat views and/or responses.

Why should I convert my existing survey? 
If you would like to add Email backup or use the new survey management experience, you can convert your existing survey without having to rebuild your segment or survey. If you want to test out any functionality before switching, create a new test survey.

How does the email backup functionality work?

By choosing the “In-App & Email Backup” option in the NPS setup wizard, you will see additional email configurations such as under the Content section. Once you start your NPS campaign, you will see the total number of users who were sent an email follow-up and a list of responders within your Guide details.

Before you convert your survey, move your survey into the draft state so you can update your email configurations from the details page. Once you update your settings and re-publish your NPS Guide, emails will be sent to users who didn’t answer it in the last 10 days.

How many emails should I expect to be sent out to end users once I turn on the feature?

Once you upgrade and adjust your NPS email settings, Pendo will send follow-up emails to users who dismiss or didn’t see the survey in their 14-day window due to the Even Distribution feature. When you initially convert your survey, you should expect to see a spike in emails sent out to users on the first day because Pendo will start with users who didn’t respond in the last 10 days. Then, you will see a smoother distribution afterwards.

For example, if you have 10,000 eligible visitors with a 180 day recurrence:

  • There are approximately 56 visitors who are eligible to see your NPS Guide in-app each day. (10,000 divided by 180 days)
  • Once you enable NPS email backup, you should see 560 users (56 multiplied by 10 days)receive an email after the first day if all users did not see or respond to the in-app survey.

Moving forward, you should expect to see 56 users a day. If you didn’t have "Even Distribution" before you upgraded your survey, you will also see a spike in the number of views in-app initially as well. For more information on how Even Distribution is calculated see Even Distribution for NPS in Pendo.

How to upgrade your survey

If you had an existing survey before Sept. 12, 2018, you will need to convert your survey to obtain new functionality. To do this:

Step 1. Navigate to your NPS Guide detail page under the NPS section and click on the “Upgrade” button:


Step 2. You will see a confirmation message before you convert your existing survey because you won’t be able to revert back once you update. Click on “Confirm” to move forward.


Step 3. Once the system is done converting your survey, you will see the new NPS details page.

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