User Roles Matrix (Legacy)

Warning: This article refers to legacy Roles and Permissions functionality. Most customers have been upgraded to the new version of Roles and Permissions with more default roles and the ability to assign roles by app. Learn more in the Roles and Permissions Overview article.


When adding a new user to Pendo, you’ll be prompted to define their permissions. Take a look at the matrix below for a bird’s eye view of what permission will allow a user to do in Pendo:

Take a look at the User Roles Help Article for more information on each permission level.


Analytics Permissions



Guides Permissions 


Account Permissions

You will need to be an administrator to update of the following settings:

  • Edit Subscription or App Settings
  • View / Edit Data Mappings
  • View / Edit Agent & Install Settings
  • Edit Subscription or App Settings
  • View Raw Events
  • View / Edit Exclude List
  • View / Edit Staging
  • View / Edit Integrations
  • Manage Users