Feature designer heatmap (Classic)

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In the classic Feature designer, the heatmap allows you to see all of your tagged Features and have an intuitive view of their usage.


To view your heatmap, navigate to Product > Features in Pendo and select Tag in classic designer in the top-right corner. Within the designer, select Show Tagged Features in the bottom-left corner.


This heatmap uses the date range specified in Pendo to generate a color-organized view of Features that have been tagged. The "hotter" the Feature, the more it's used.

Heatmap date range

The heatmap uses the date range specified in your Pendo filters before you navigate to the Feature designer.


To change this date range, select Back to Pendo in the top-left of the designer, update your date range filter, then reopen the Feature designer.


Hover over a Feature on the heatmap to open a tooltip that shows:

  • Total Clicks. Number of unique Feature clicks based on the date range.
  • Visitors. Number of unique visitors based on the date range.
  • Accounts. Number of unique accounts based on the date range.
While hovering over a Feature, select EDIT in the bottom-right corner of the tooltip to open the Tag a Feature window within the designer. From here, you can customize the feature name, group, location, or element match. Select Save after making any changes.
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