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The Visual Design Studio includes a heatmap feature designed to highlight levels of user engagement with tagged and suggested Features in your application. It provides a color-organized view of Features that have been tagged or that are suggested. The "hotter" the feature (closer to red), the more it's used by your visitors.

This article refers to the the heatmap experience found in the Visual Design Studio, launched February 2019. If you were a Pendo customer before this date and would like to use the Classic Designer, see Feature Designer Heatmap (Classic).


Use the heatmap in the Visual Design Studio to show you which of your tagged Features receive the most interaction from your users and to help you tag UI elements based on user engagement with aspects of your application.

Tagged and suggested Features are highlighted on a scale from fewest clicks (blue) to most clicks (red) over the last 36 hours. Existing Features are bounded in a solid-lined box, and suggested features are bounded in a dashed box.

Open the heatmap

To view and use the heatmap:

  1. Navigate to Product > Features from the left-side menu.
  2. Select Tag Features in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Enter the URL of a page containing UI elements you're interested in seeing or tagging as Features and choose a tagging mode (side-by-side or overlay).
  4. Select Launch Designer.
  5. Switch on the heatmap using the toggle at the bottom of the Visual Design Studio.
  6. Expand the heatmap using the plus (+) icon to the right of the heatmap toggle.
  7. Optionally, choose a segment from the Segment dropdown menu. You must be using Pendo agent version 2.35.0 or higher to use the segment filter. The default is Everyone.

View Feature analytics

Because suggested Features haven't been tagged or processed yet, you can only see full analytics for tagged Features. To see suggested Features in reports, you must first accept (tag) them. For more information, see Suggested Features.

Select one of the highlighted tagged features to view details about it in the Visual Design Studio. The Feature Details page in the Visual Design Studio shows you:

  • The title of the tagged Feature.
  • The assigned product area for the Feature.
  • The location (whether it's tagged on a specific Page or sitewide).
  • The total number of unique clicks on the Feature over the last 36 hours.
  • The number of unique visitors that clicked on the Feature over the last 36 hours.
  • The number of accounts that have interacted with the Feature over the last 36 hours.

You can modify this data based on segment using the dropdown menu above the heatmap bar at the bottom of the Visual Design Studio.

When you're done, select Back to Feature List in the top-left corner of the Visual Design Studio.

Edit tagged Features

You can edit tagged features without leaving the Visual Design Studio. With the heatmap turned on, select one of the heatmap items bounded with a solid line in your application's UI. This opens the Feature Details page in the Visual Design Studio. Select Edit Feature in the bottom-right corner. From here, you can:

  • Edit the Feature name.
  • Change the assigned product area.
  • View the estimated number of Feature clicks in the next 12, 24, or 36 hours.
  • Re-target the Feature using the Feature Element Matching tool.
  • Choose a new location (sitewide or this page only).
  • Edit the Event Properties and Settings.

Select Save Changes and then Back to Feature List when you're done.

If the heatmap is turned off, you can also edit a Feature by selecting the Feature name from the list of Features in the Visual Design Studio.

Tag suggested Features

For suggested Features, select a heatmap item bounded by a dashed line to highlight it in the suggested Features list. Select Tag next to the chosen suggested Feature to edit and accept it. Alternatively, delete it from the suggested Features list. For more information, see Suggested Features.

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