What browsers are supported?


Pendo refers to the Agent as the outcome of the JavaScript code you installed because it handles all front-end data collection and render your Guides. The Pendo Agent supports and is tested to work with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7+ (including Microsoft Edge)
  • All versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox since 2010
Note: Pendo works on other niche browsers like Opera, Vivaldi, etc., but we do not actively test these.


The Pendo application (or user interface) is anything that is accessible at app.pendo.io, including Pendo Feedback. Pendo’s application supports and is tested to work with the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge (Latest Version)
  • Chrome (Latest Version)
  • Firefox (Latest Version)
  • Safari  (Version 12 or lower)

To update an outdated browser, here's a handy site with all the latest versions


Chromium Samesite Cookie Update

Chromium is an open-sourced project that powers the Google Chrome and other modern web browsers. Chromium recently implemented a security update that impacts the way cookies are allowed on sites that use http (https sites are unaffected). This update removes the use of cookies that requests `SameSite=None` attribute that are not marked `Secure` (ie. an `http` site). 

Read more about Chromium's Same-Site timeline or their original blog post covering this update.

Chrome recently issued an update to notify their users that version 80 will include this same update and was set to go live Feb. 4th, 2020. Learn more about update for Pendo.


Pendo Designer in Safari v. 13.0.4+

The Pendo Designer is referred to as the Guide authoring mechanism that’s launched over your application to allow you to create and mock up your Guides as you see it in your app.

Safari implemented a different security called Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) to restrict sharing cookies between first and third party apps. As of Feb. 20, 2020, ITP (version 2.3) is included in Safari on macOS for Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra. ITP prevents Pendo from launching the Guide Designer because we leverage cookies to launch the Designer over your application. At this point, Pendo is no longer supported in Safari version 13.04+ (in Catalina altogether) but will be open to launching another investigation in the future. As a work around, you can still access and use Pendo from a different support browser.