Send data to multiple subscriptions

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Event data from a single application/installation can be sent to multiple Pendo subscriptions by including the additional additionalApiKeys:[] option within your installation snippet.

Note: This feature requires Agent 2.7.0 or higher. Your current agent version can be found under the "Agent Settings" tab on the Install Settings page.


This option is added within the pendo.initialize({}) call in your snippet.

    additionalApiKeys: ['<SUB_2_ACTUAL_API_KEY>', '<SUB_3_ACTUAL_API_KEY>', '<SUB_4_ACTUAL_API_KEY>'],

    visitor: {...},

    account: {...}

Your installation snippet template can be found by admins of your subscription on the Install Settings page.

Guide behavior

Only guides from the primary API key will be served. In the above configuration example, an installation that had SUB_1_ACTUAL_API_KEY as the primary apiKey would never serve SUB_2_ACTUAL_API_KEY guides, it would only send page load, click, and focus data to the SUB_2_ACTUAL_API_KEY subscription.

Similarly, guide events will only be recorded under the primary subscription.

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