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The Overview page shows data based on your selected segment, date range, and apps. Here is an explanation of each metric you will see on the summary page.


Number of Visitors

The number of unique visitors present based on the time range you set in the above dropdown.

Average Time on Apps

The average amount of time a user is spending on your site based again, on the date range which you send above.

For example: Suppose you have 2 visitors (Sally & John) during a 3-day date range.

  • Visitor Sally comes in on Days 1 and 2, spending 5 and 10 minutes respectively
  • Visitor John comes in on Days 2 and 3, spending 15 and 20 minutes respectively

    Total time is calculated by adding all the minutes each visitor spent: 5 min + 10 min + 15 min + 20 min = 50 minutes

    Both visitors collectively visited on 4 days: Each visitor is 2 days each. Because they both visited on Day 2 and that is counted twice.

    So the average daily time on apps will be calculated this way: (5 min + 10 min + 15 min + 20 min) / 4 days = 12.5 minutes

Take a look at our "Site and Page Interaction Calculation" FAQ for more information.


The counts are based on the number of days where a visitor sent any event in the previous 30 days. This calculation sets the date range for the data at the last 30 days (30 days ago until yesterday). It will only show frequency for visitors who sent an event during that date range.

  • Low if user was active at least 1, but no more than 4, of the last 30 days

  • Medium if user was active at least 5, but no more than 12, of the last 30 days

  • High if user was active at least 13 of the last 30 days

Visitor List

A list of visitors will be displayed below your high-level metrics. This list will respect the selected segment within your filter. Within the list, you will may see the following columns:

Visitor ID

The ID value passed into Pendo through your JavaScript (Installation) snippet related to the visitor. This value uniquely defines a visitor to your site. You can click this value to see more details about that visitor.

Last Visit

The time stamp of the most recent page load or click on your site from that visitor, regardless of if that page load or click has been tagged as an activity on your site or not.

Total Usage Time (last 30 days)

The total amount of time the visitor has been on your site in the past 30 days. Like the "Number of Active Days" number, this starts last night at midnight, and goes for 30 days previous to that time.

Additional Actions

Edit Columns

You can adjust the columns you’re seeing in this list. Each column is based on a metadata value (Account or Visitor) or a product usage so you can customize your view as you desire. Product usage options include page or feature interaction, if a user viewed a particular guide, or poll response.

Save as Visitor Report

If you review a specific list of visitors frequently, you can save the list as a report. Once you choose this option, you will be able to name and find your report by switching to the "Visitor Reports" tab at the top of the page.

Download as .csv

If you need to download a particular set of users, choose this option for a quick download option.


Tip: Download a particular list of users to also create a custom segment via .csv file in Pendo. To learn more on how to do this, check out the segments help article.



Search on the "Visitors" page allows you to look up a specific visitor.