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Tagging features is a helpful way to understand user activity. However, you may also want to track activity within your own guide. You can tag a guide button as a Feature to see who and how many times it was clicked. 

Tag a button within a guide

  1. Go into your product through the In-App Designer.
  2. Tag anything on the page within your app.
  3. Label the Feature.
  4. Drop the below into the custom CSS Tag based on the type of guide.


Note: Following the custom CSS Tagging steps, you will see a "No matches found" error — this is expected as the guide will not be present in the feature designer when adding the custom CSS tag.


For Classic Designer guides

._pendo-group-id-###_ a[href='URL']

### = Group ID (Guide ID)
URL = Site URL the button will take you to


Note: ._pendo-group-id does not exist for Visual Designer Guides. If you still do not see data, check your Guide type in your Guides list. Visual Designer Guide types are listed as "Building Block."


How do I find the Guide ID?

  • You can find guide ID in the URL of a guide. Click into a guide within Pendo, and you will find the guide ID in the URL of the guide(below).
  • The URL is the link included in the button which you are tagging.
  • Give the feature a few minutes to process.

For Visual Designer guides

These guides utilize unique IDs that are linked to your Guide building block.

  • button= This value could be different depending on how your button was setup in your Guide.
  • {someLongID} = This will be the unique ID of the button (or exact element) in your Guide.


Note: The Visual Designer utilizes globally unique IDs for elements in your Guide. The someLongID will be unique You can find these unique IDs by using the "inspect" feature in your web browser.


For example, if I see my Guide’s button as the following:


I would add this to my CSS selector when tagging a feature:

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