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Note: This article covers the Guide experience launched before Feb. 18th 2019. If you became a customer after this date, see Get started with the Visual Design Studio.

The in-app guide designer is where Pendo guides are created and edited. Your application is loaded within the inner frame to provide a streamlined guide creation experience over your environment.


1. URL Bar

Type the URL of your application into the top navigation bar to load your application and the guides list on the left panel. Make sure to include https:// or http:// within the URL.

Tip: Still getting a "Loading Error" on the left panel when attempting to load your app? For more information, see Troubleshoot: Classic In-app Designer.

2. Global Settings

Global Settings is where Templates, Global CSS, and Guide Center settings are found. 

Note: Only users with admin permissions have access to the Global Settings and Guide Center Settings. Only certain users have template editing privileges.

Find more information on:

3. Back to Pendo

Click "Back to Pendo" to navigate to the Guides list page.

Guides List

Search Guides

Type part of all of a guide’s title to filter all existing guides on the left panel.


You may not always want to see all of your guides in the left panel. Click "Show sort / filter options" to reveal the current filters applied. Click "+ Add Filters" to add additional filters based on guide location, type, status, activation method, device type, and expiration.

Edit and Copy Guides

Change a guide’s status by selecting the dropdown at the bottom of each guide block. When hovering over a guide block, click "Edit Guide" to enter editing mode for the guide or "Copy Guide" to create an exact replica of the guide.

Create a Guide

For full information on guide types and guide creation within the designer, see Guide Creation (Classic).

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