Live Chat Integration


Embed live chat in your Pendo Guide Center to provide real-time assistance alongside contextual guidance and product walkthroughs in Pendo.

Supported Providers

The following live chat providers are currently supported:

  • Intercom
  • Zopim by Zendesk (Access to Zendesk’s Web SDK is required to use the Pendo Integration. Enterprise or Premium (Legacy) Zendesk Chat account plan automatically include web SDK access.)
  • Drift


Note: More supported chat providers coming soon!


How To Enable It

You will need the following permissions to set up this integration:

  • Admin permission to your live chat instance
  • Admin permission to your Pendo account
  • Integrations Hub enabled on your Pendo account (See note below)


Note: Reach out to your Pendo Representative to enable Integrations Hub on your Pendo subscription.


How To Set It Up

Step 1. Navigate to Integrations by clicking on your username and choose “Integrations.”

Step 2. Choose your live chat provider option and confirm your choice:


Step 3. Add your App ID associated with your chat instance and customize the title and description that you wish to display in your Guide Center.

Note: The easiest way to find your workspace ID is to check the URL of any page you have open in Intercom. It's the code that comes after apps/ in the URL.
Note: For Zopim users, check out Zendesk documentation for the App ID (or account key).


Step 4. Once you’re done with your configurations, choose “Add Integration.”

How To Use It

Once you have your integration setup, a user can see the chat option and select it within the Guide Center.


Once a user clicks on the chat option, he or she can pick up an existing or start a new conversation.



Frequently Asked Questions:

I've set up my Intercom Live Chat but only a blank box displays?

Intercom requires specific fields to be passed through to display (i.e. email, user_id). These can be added as Pendo metadata. If Identity verification is enabled in your Intercom Security settings then you will also be required to pass an encrypted user_hash. How to enable Identity Verification

If I’m setting up Drift, do I need to update any settings in my Drift account?

Yes. You will need to go into your widget design settings and set your widget size to "Large."