Pendo 101: Funnels

A Funnel is a defined set of steps of Pages or Features that you want Visitors to follow. For example, you might want a Visitor to start at your Home page, then select feature A, followed by feature B. Funnels tell you if a Visitor followed this route. 

Create a Funnel

To get started building a funnel, navigate to Behavior > Funnels. This opens the Create a Funnel page.

1. Select the start location from the first dropdown menu. 

2. Select + Add funnel step and choose the next location from the dropdown menu. Continue until you've included all the desired steps.

3. Add a Date Range to filter the data by a specific time period.

4. Choose a Segment to define which Visitors to include in the funnel analysis.

5. Optionally, choose a Funnel timeout period (in minutes) under Advanced Options.

6. Select Save & Run.

This opens the Save Report window, where you can create a Report Name and set the Visibility to either Only Me or Everyone. Select Save Report when done.




View Funnel Report

To view the results of a Funnel, navigate to Behavior > Saved Reports and open the appropriate Funnel from the list of reports. You can filter the list of the reports to include only Funnels from the dropdown list at the top of the page. 




Once you're in the Funnel report, you can view and edit the query, including Funnel steps, date range, segment, and timeout time. Below this information is a visualization of the Funnel.

You can hover over any of the Funnel steps to see additional information about that step, including the number of Visitors who started the step, the number of Visitors who advanced onto the next step, and the average time (in minutes and seconds) to progress onto the next step.



Funnel Visitor List

At the bottom of the Funnel Report is the Visitor list, which shows you all the Visitors that started the Funnel and, when applicable, the time it took for them to continue to the next step. You can download this data by selecting the download icon in the top-right of the table. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Visitors breaking off from the Funnel?

The sequence of a Funnel is significant. A Funnel ignores intermediate steps between the defined steps, not including the entry event. The entry event resets the Visitor to the beginning of the Funnel. Visitors advance from data points that you've defined in the Funnel report. 

If you have a funnel in the sequence of steps 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the Visitor completes the sequence as 1, 3 , 4, and 2, the funnel only registers the Visitor at the second step and fall off. A Visitor also falls off from a funnel if they don't complete the next defined funnel step within the defined timeout, which can be adjusted in the Advanced Options when editing the funnel.