Create a Tooltip (Classic Designer)

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Note: This article covers the Guide experience launched before Feb. 18th 2019. If you became a customer after this date, refer to this article

Use Pendo tooltips to add contextual help without going through your developers. This recipe will walk you through on how to set one up in just a few minutes.



  • Pendo admin account permission or the following:
    • User permission to create Guides
    • User permission to publish Guides
  • Target segment - Everyone
  • Target feature or location within your product
  • Desired help context for target feature or location

Estimated time to create: approximately 10 min

Create a tooltip

Step 1. Navigate to Guides to add new Tooltip Guide


Step 2. Choose where you would like to have your tooltip to appear within your application, simply select it right from your product preview.


Step 3. Once you click on your preferred location, you will be prompted to choose a tooltip template: Select blank Tooltip option.


Step 4. Next, you will see your tooltip template in the preview. Click on the sample text within the Guide preview to add your desired message.


Step 5. Using the left-hand navigation, locate the activation option to choose the activation settings type as “Badge” and update your badge preferences as you like.


Step 6. Test in staging to adjust as needed. If you don’t have a staging environment setup yet, simply update the target segment as “Only Me” & set the Guide status to ‘Public’ to view in your application and readjust as you need.


Step 7. When you’re ready to launch, update the target segment to "Everyone" (or your own custom segment) and the Guide status to "Public."


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