Tagging Pages Overview

Tag your pages to see how your users are using the application and to monitor the traffic on pages.

Tag a page

There are two ways to tag pages.

Option 1 - Locate and click the Untagged URLs tab within the Pages section.



Option 2 - Click Manage Pages In-App to manage pages through our In-App Designer



Frequently asked questions

Does it matter if a page or feature is tagged first?

No. If you are tagging a page, you will also have the option to tag the feature. You can flip between tagging either option in the Visual Designer.


Should URLs from excluded domains/server hosts appear in the Untagged URLs section?

Yes, even if a particular server host/domain is part of the Exclude List, untagged URLs from that environment will still appear in the Untagged URLs section. This is correct behavior because Pendo is still collecting data from those environments. Learn more here: Listing 101: Exclude and Include Listing.


How often is the Untagged URLs section refreshed?

The Untagged URLs section refreshes to show all URLs that meet both of the following two conditions:  

  • Pendo has received events from the URL over the last 7 days.  
  • URL does not match one of the current page rules.


Need some help understanding URLs for page tagging?

Take a look at Understanding URLs for page tagging for more information.