Email white label setup

This article walks you through the steps for setting up an email white label with Pendo Feedback.

By default, Feedback sends email notifications (engagement emailsflexible emailsstatus responses) to your team and Visitors from

Email white label allows you to send email notifications from your company domain (for example, as opposed to Pendo's domain. This is useful for:

  • Branding and keeping Feedback consistent with your product.
  • Communicating with your Visitors, who can reply directly to notifications.

If you don't have email white label, you don't receive Visitor replies to notifications sent from the Pendo domain. With email white label, replies are routed into the email address you set as your white labelled email. The exception is comments: when a customer receives an email notification about a comment added to a request, a reply to this email will be routed into your Feedback account as a new comment, regardless of whether you have a white labelled email address set up.

Step 1: Contact Support to receive DNS records

To set up an email white label, contact Pendo Support with the following information:

  • From email. This should route to a real email address at your actual domain, for example,
  • From name, such as, Company Name Feedback.
  • Host. The domain you'd like to send emails from.

Your domain should match the email address that you've chosen. For example, would use yourdomain as the domain. You can also use a subdomain, for example,

Pendo notifies you with a Support ticket when DNS entries are ready.


Example message to Pendo Support:

Hi Pendo Support, 
Please configure our Feedback email white label using the following info:
From email:
From name: "Feedback Example"
[Your Signature]

Step 2: Set up your DNS records

Find your DNS records in Feedback > Settings > Product Settings and send them to your network administrator to set them up. Let us know when your network administrator has set up your DNS records by responding to your Support ticket.

We then check your DNS records and activate your white label emails. 

After this, your emails can be sent to your team and customers from your chosen email address. Pendo Feedback's servers sign the emails on your behalf for maximum deliverability.


Example DNS records: