Feedback Intercom Integration Set Up

NOTE: This document explains how to set up the Intercom integration. If you've already set up and want to learn how to use it, head here.


In order to successfully set up the Intercom integration, you must make sure that —

a) You have integrated Feedback with your product, either through the Pendo snippet installation or via the API.

b) Your Intercom integration must share the same User IDs as Feedback. You can ensure this in two ways:

  1. Install the Pendo snippet into your app, which will pass the same User IDs to Feedback and Intercom.
  2. Create a user in Feedback through the API using the same User ID for Feedback and Intercom.

User IDs

For the integration to work correctly, the user IDs must be the same for both Feedback and Intercom.

In other words, the "user_id" attribute in "window.intercomSettings" must be set to a customer's user ID in Feedback.

You provide Feedback with the user IDs when you install the Pendo snippet. You should then ensure that you supply Intercom with the same IDs. 

You can find an example of the "window.intercomSettings" object here.

You can find your customer's user ID by going to their profile page, either by searching their name or going to Customers > [Account Name] > [User Name].


Follow these steps to successfully set up the Intercom integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Third Party Integrations and click "Authenticate with Intercom".mceclip0.png
  2. You then need to authorize access to Feedback.
  3. You'll be redirected to the Intercom app store listing for Feedback.

That's all it takes. You'll now be able to use Feedback from within your Intercom chat widget.

Adding the Button

We recommend adding the "submit feedback" button to your Intercom messenger home screen. This will make it easier for your Visitors to submit feedback, and save your customer-facing teams a lot of time.

To do this, head to your Messenger Settings in Intercom.

Click on the "Users" tab, and then click on "Add an app".


Select Feedback, and then "Ask customer to submit request".


This places a button on your Intercom Messenger home screen that will look like this:


Automating with Answer Bot

Intercom's Answer Bot enables you to automatically reply to messages you receive. You can use this with our Intercom integration to save even more time and effort.

From your Intercom dashboard, navigate to Operator > Answer Bot.

From here you can click on "New Answer". You should then fill in the questions or statements your Visitors often use when they want to provide you with feedback.


Examples might include:

  • "I have an idea..."
  • "I think you should..."
  • I have some feedback..."

For your answer, you need to insert the Feedback app, and select the "Ask customer to submit request" option.


Once you're happy with the question and answer, you can click on "Set Live" and your new answer bot will start doing all the hard work for you.

For more information on how to use the Intercom integration after you've set it up, head here.