We don't keep company value in our product, how can we provide Pendo Feedback with this information?

The "Company Value" data is usually provided with other user information as part of the Feedback integration with your product.

In some instances, for example if you don't store that data in your product, the company value won't be given to Feedback.

In the event that the integration can't automatically pull through company value, there are two alternative options.

1. Manually Provide the Value

Log in to Feedback and select "Customers" from the left-hand navigation.

Select the relevant account, and then click on the "Edit" button above the account's logo.

You can then manually set a monthly value.

2. Through the API

It's possible to add company values through the Feedback API. Using our API documentation - here - you can use the PUT / accounts / {ID} command to edit the account.

3. Via the Pendo Feedback Salesforce integration

If you use our Salesforce integration, you can specify which Salesforce field will populate the company value in Feedback. Any accounts created through the SFDC integration will then have a company value. Please note, however, that already existing accounts will not have a company value using this method.