Feedback Metrics

Feedback has a range of metrics to help you see who is engaging with Feedback the most, how many requests are being created, and so much more.

To find your metrics, simply click "Metrics" on the left-hand navigation.

Metrics overview


This shows you how many requests have been set to each status for different time frames. It also provides a useful summary of the past week's activity.



This page shows you how many users have logged in to Feedback. It also lists the most recently seen users.



This page shows you the users who have engaged with Feedback the most, based on how many requests they've voted on or prioritized.

Fulfilled Requests


This page shows you which users have had the most requests released. This includes both requests they've submitted, and requests they've said they are interested in.

CEO Dashboard


The CEO Dashboard calculates how much time and money you save using Feedback, and then provides you with an overall ROI.

You can learn more about how the CEO Dashboard works here.