Feedback's reports & the RICE methodology

Intercom's RICE methodology is becoming increasingly popular among product managers. Here's how Feedback supports it:


You can segment all the data out in Feedback so you understand reach in three ways:
1. You can see exactly how many customers/prospects/internal team members want a feature request and how important it is to them.
2. You can segment all the prioritized requests to understand the level of reach for each stakeholder group. Examples include what matters to large customers, small customers, sales team, leadership, customers in a certain location, etc. See more tagging ideas here
3. You can set a custom reach estimate using tags. Examples:


Our "Effort vs Value" report is a great way to gauge impact. If you hover over a request on the chart, you get a numeric value for effort (defined by the sliders, value out of 100) and the request value. The request value calculation comes from the SmartList algorithm and is normalized - a feature with a value of 100 is going to give you the maximum impact.

Remember you can segment the data with one click too - selecting from the "Advanced" filters lets you see which requests will have the highest impact for your internal teams, visitor base as a whole, inactive visitors, highest to lowest paying visitors, etc.



Feedback is all about gathering prioritized demand from your customers, market and internal teams so you can make data-driven product decisions. You can be confident in your data because you know that you are working with up-to-date and relevant information, not +1 votes from a customer feedback forum or spreadsheet. 


We combine feature value with development effort so you can make great decisions on where you place those all important scarce development resources.