How is the ROI percentage calculated in Feedback?

Have you ever wondered where this ROI calculation in your CEO dashboard comes from?


If you look below the graph, you have six "action" sections. Each "action" your users perform in Feedback translates to time saved for your company.

Take the "wants / not interested" action as an example.

Every time a visitor or team member votes on an item in Feedback, your team is saving time because:

  • Your teams don't have to go to the product team and tell them what they want (or worse, not tell them at all).
  • Your visitors don't have to go to their CSM or your support team to tell them what they want. 
  • Your Product, CS, Marketing, and Sales teams are collecting data without lifting a finger. 

We've put the calculated "time saved" in each section. For any team or visitor votes, we've estimated you'll save 15 minutes on average.

In the footer of the dashboard you'll see the rate that these calculations are based on. (This is currently $48 USD per hour, but if you'd like to edit that and add your own, please head to Pendo's own instance of Feedback to give us your feedback.)

Finally, you see the total time and money saved from all 999 wants and 469 not interested votes: $1068. 

Add up all six sections, and that's your total $ saved.

The ROI (return-on-investment) percentage takes your $ saved and Feedback cost across the timeframe selected.