How to handle unhelpful comments

If you ever receive unhelpful comments on your feedback, it can be difficult to know if and how to respond to these comments.  

We recommend editing or deleting the comment (if necessary) and then sending a flexible email from the request page to inform the relevant user. 

Below is an example of how you may want to structure your response:

We have recently removed one of your comments in Feedback. Feedback is a tool for gathering feedback from our users about feature requests and problems you would like to see resolved.

We encourage customers to post use cases, vote, prioritize, and collaborate with other users to help us better understand your needs. Any comments made that do not contribute in this way, or are made for the sole purpose of being negative or derogatory, will be removed as they do not help us understand how the system should be improved.

To ensure the feedback is referenced and linked within the email you should send the email while on the request page that the comment was left on:


You may also want to include a note in your product feedback policy, helping your customers understand that unhelpful comments will be removed.