How should I respond to older requests?

Sometimes you want to keep a request in Feedback but don't have any current plans to build it. It might mean that months, and maybe years, go by without any update.

If you follow our suggestions in terms of the process you use to triage new requests, then any older requests should still be set to "Awaiting Feedback". The idea behind this is to wait until more users have voted on and prioritized the request. 

But what happens if you still don't have enough data? 

It really comes down to being open and transparent. Add as much detail as possible to the status message to help your visitors understand where an idea is going. You could explain that while you aren't looking at building this any time soon, you are still interested and so you'll keep it in Feedback for future use.

Even better: Explain why you aren't building it yet.

You can also include an explanation in your Product Feedback Policy.

You basically need to explain in that document that you go through the top percentage of requests, and as a result, not all requests will be considered by the product team. However, over time it means that they have the potential to move up and be discussed at a later date.

Also, consider adding this question and answer into the policy, changing the details to suit you.


"My request hasn't been reviewed yet and it's been over 6 months. What should I do?"


"If we haven't gotten around to reviewing your request, there are some things you can do to increase the chances of it being discussed.

1. Make sure to set it as your highest priority.

2. Make sure the request is worded clearly, and that you explain why you need this feature. What problem does it solve for you?

Any further details can be added to the request as a comment."