How do I get rid of bad requests? What if people submit bad requests?

When you open yourself up to customer feedback and requests, it’s inevitable that you’ll receive the odd request that you think has no chance of working or being implemented in the future.

The way Feedback manages your requests, using voting and prioritization, means that any ideas deemed “good” by your customers will bubble up to the surface, and those deemed “bad” will sink down out of your way.

This means that you don’t need to worry about those requests that you’re unsure of. 

Sometimes an idea that you have reservations about may turn out to be something that the majority of your customers want. We would recommend not to judge requests too harshly until you’ve seen what other customers and internal team members think of them. It's fine to leave a request in the "Awaiting Feedback" status until you have more data to make a decision.

In terms of saying no to those requests which simply aren’t in line with your vision or strategy, you can check out our handy guide on how to say no.

You may occasionally get requests that aren't really requests at all. Support tickets or usage queries shouldn't land in Feedback, so it's fine to decline and delete those requests. Make sure your visitors know where to go with those types of queries. It's a good idea to include that information in your Product Feedback Policy as well.