Visitor Name Hiding in Feedback

Our Visitor Name Hiding feature allows you to hide the names of your Visitors, preventing them from seeing who has asked for what.

For example, Joe Bloggs will be displayed as User-abcd1234. 

Note that while Visitors will not be able to see other Visitors' names, your team members' names will still be visible.

You can toggle anonymity on and off by heading to Product Settings -> General and then clicking the checkbox.


This is what Visitors will see if you switch Visitor Name Hiding on:


As you can see, the names of team members still appear, but the name of the Visitor who commented has been replaced with an anonymous ID.

If you switch Visitor Name Hiding off, your Visitors will see Visitor names. The anonymous user ID has now been removed, and the Visitor's actual name is shown:


Will my Team Members still see Visitor names?

Yes. Visitor Name Hiding only affected the Visitor portal. When you are logged into Feedback as a Team Member, you will still see all Visitor names.