Process Planning for Feedback

Managing feedback with Pendo Feedback is very straightforward for smaller teams, and you may simply need to get a feedback policy in place.

For larger organizations, the resources below will give you an idea of the workflow changes and guidelines you may want to implement. 

The Feedback Workflow

Feedback can utterly transform and elevate your existing feedback process, but you don't have to start from scratch. If you'd rather, you can seamlessly implement Feedback into your existing workflow.

Take a look at our handy diagram and best practices on planning your workflow here.


Product Feedback Policy 

As far as we're concerned, this is one of the most important documents you can create, and should create. The feedback policy helps your customers understand:

  • How they submit feedback.
  • What the benefits are.
  • What happens to it from there.

It sets expectations for your customers and aligns your internal teams around a common goal, encouraging everyone to provide more feedback. That means better data for you to work with.

Learn more and grab our template here, or take a look at Pendo's own feedback policy.

Team Guidelines

You should also provide more detailed guidelines for your internal teams, helping them to understand what you're trying to achieve with Feedback and your overall feedback process, and getting them on board so they start using Feedback to its full potential.

We have a full Team Guidelines template, including an FAQ section, for you to customize to fit your needs. It includes information on:

  • What Pendo Feedback is.
  • What your company's goals are for Feedback.
  • How to use Feedback.
  • How to manage email settings.
  • Additional resources.

Open the template.