How To Use SAML SSO With Customers

If you're using Feedback with on-premise software or are unable to use the Pendo snippet, one way to allow your customers to login is through SAML SSO. This method provides a quick and secure way of enabling your customers to log in to Feedback without needing a username and password.

To use SAML SSO with customers, you'll need to follow the setup steps here with your customers' IdP. 

Populating your customer data

Once your customer SAML SSO is set up, your customers will need a Feedback account in order to login.

You can create these accounts in two ways: using our API or inviting them in manually in the Feedback UI.

Allowing your customers to login

Before your customer SAML SSO is set up, your customers will be able to log in at After SSO has been turned on, our support team will provide  you with a custom login link for your customers. 

We recommend embedding this link in your product for customers who have a Feedback account, similar to our javascript integration. You can include this link in your help menu or in your footer, so that customers can login quickly and easily from your product. 

And finally, an engagement email is a great way of raising awareness when you make the switch.