Snowflake Recipe: Move Pendo Data into Snowflake Faster to See NPS Data in Your Executive Dashboard


Product usage, sentiment and feature requests are all important inputs when executives and business stakeholders are making decisions.  Pendo and Fivetran have partnered to help our joint customers to streamline the extraction and normalization of product insight data.  By providing this streamline pipe, now you can mash up with business data from other systems of record in your data warehouse such as Snowflake and visualize in your  BI tool. By bringing product data into your decision making view it can inform sales pipeline conversions, identifying and mitigating churn risks by reviewing NPS next to renewal date, and managing a portfolio of product investments to highest yield for the business. 


Ingredients You Need

  • Snowflake or another data warehouse
  • Business Intelligence tool - Looker, Tableau
  • Pendo API enabled
  • Fivetran



  • Increase visibility of product data such as NPS, feature usage, etc.
  • Decrease time to get reports that mix product data with other business data
  • Centralize all your data faster


How It Works

Step 1: Add the Pendo Javascript snippet to your application and set up appropriately.


Step 2: Obtain your integration key from Pendo to put into Fivetran


Step 3: Go into Fivetran, and find your data warehouse of your choosing such as Snowflake.  Authenticate with your data warehouse credential 




Step 4: Enable your Pendo connector through Fivetran. Go to your data warehouse and click “+ Connector”.  Find the Pendo connector, and add your Pendo integration key to authenticate.



Step 5:  Pendo data will start syncing. You can access the Pendo connector from your connectors and examine the sync history.