How are inactive users calculated?

Note: “Churned” status was renamed to “Inactive” on January 22nd. No functionality was changed and no change is required on your side. This is part of our efforts to improve the consistency of terminology across all of Pendo's product lines.

Why is this important?

Feedback relies heavily on the inactive status in the predefined reports. Most reports will default to including requests only from visitors who are active in your app. For more information on Feedback reports, head here.

Inactive users

Inactive status is worked out automatically through the Pendo snippet. If a user hasn't logged in to your app for 30 days, Feedback marks them as inactive.

Inactive accounts

An account is automatically marked as inactive when all the users in an account haven't logged into your app in the last 30 days. 

Customizing your inactive settings

If you want to keep all customer users as "active" for longer than 30 days, please email our support team and include your preferred number of days. 

To keep all users "active" permanently, you'll need to request we set this to a longer period (10 years, for example), as there's no way to turn off the inactive setting altogether.