Customer Insights in Feedback

The Customer Insights Dashboard provides Customer Success managers with key insights and the data they need to help their customers be successful and avoid churn.


When you start using the dashboard, the first thing you see will be the "Insights" box. This shows you some of the key insights that Feedback has surfaced.


You can refresh these using the icon at the top, or you can click the links to delve deeper into the data.

The Customer Insights Dashboard also has plenty of other useful metrics that enable Success managers to quickly and easily see what they need to do.

Account Outliers


Account outliers are accounts who vote against the grain. In other words, they tend to vote for requests that the majority of your accounts don't vote for.

From a Success point of view, your account outliers are generally accounts that are a bad fit for your company and may need additional support and education.

Who Got What They Wanted


This shows the accounts that have the most requests released (either ones they've submitted or voted on) and the accounts that have had the fewest released.

This is a great way of identifying accounts that could make good advocates. If they've had a lot of requests released then chances are they're using the product successfully.

Most Engaged Accounts


These are the accounts that are most engaged with Feedback (submitting, voting, prioritizing) and the least engaged with Feedback.

This is useful as the most engaged accounts are generally the most vocal, meaning they could become great advocates in future. More importantly, however, are the least engaged accounts. These are the accounts that could be more likely to churn, or need a refresher on how to submit feedback.


For greater detail, you can actually click the link to see engagement at a user level, enabling you to see which individuals within the accounts you should be focusing on.

Most Focused Accounts


The most focused accounts are those that have concentrated their voting on a smaller number of requests, whereas the least focused have spread their votes across a wide range.

Again, this is a great way of identifying accounts that have the potential to be advocates further down the line. If they're focused on a specific part of the product then improvements to that one part of the product may easily turn those accounts into advocates.

Requests that accounts wanted before they became inactive


Requests that accounts wanted before they became inactive could highlight areas of the product that your visitors aren't happy with. Users are marked as 'inactive' when they haven't logged into your app for 30 days. More info here.

If a lot of inactive users requested a certain feature, then you may need to send that information to your Product team so they can make a decision.

Alternatively, it may highlight weaknesses and gaps in how you educate your visitors.


Hitting the "Filter" button (at the top of the page, above the insights box) will enable you to filter all of the metrics and insights.

You can filter by App (Multi-App must be enabled) or by account creation date, so that you can dive deeper into the most relevant data.

Account Information

Hovering over the name of an account provides you with a pop-up that displays key bits of information about the account. This means you don't have to click around to figure out who a certain account is.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see any data in my Customer Insights dashboard? I have installed the Pendo snippet.

You need at least 6 customer accounts for the Customer Insights dashboard to populate. If you have fewer than 6, you will see the following blank screen: